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Since 1993 Page Technology Marketing, Inc. (PageTech) has specialized in HP PCL® print stream transformation, typeface conversion utilities and other related PCL imaging technologies. Our GUI-only version of our SDK named PCLWorks Program is designed for individuals looking for something powerful, but yet easy to use. We also offer the first FREE commercial quality PCL Viewer/PCL Converter PCLReader for individuals with modest needs to View PCL, Print PCL and Convert PCL.

PCLWorks and PCLReader are replacements products for FormView and TaxView respectively. Please review the product information listed below and visit each product specific web site for more information.

PCLWorks Program - Commercial Replacement for FormView

    Development tools included with PCLWorks:
  • PCLWorks - Converts, Views, Searches and Optimizes PCL.
  • PCLCodes - Analyzes and debugs PCL.
  • PCLSplit - Splits or extracts pages from PCL.
  • IMG2PCL - Converts TIF/JPG into PCL form overlays or logos.
  • IMG2PDF - Converts TIF/JPG into PDF or PDF/A documents.
  • IMG2XPS - Converts TIF/JPG into Microsoft's new XPS docs.

PCLReader - Freeware Replacement for TaxView

    Features and Benefits:
  • View PCL, then print it to any Windows printer driver.
  • Convert PCL into PDF format.
  • Convert PCL forms into PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, XPS, PNG and other file formats.
  • Extract all the ASCII Text from a PCL file.
  • Save paper, trees and our planet.

To learn more about both products please visit our product specific web sites at: www.pclworks.com and www.pclreader.com .

LIVE PCL Software Evaluations

We offer LIVE evaluations of all our products, and we encourage everyone to pre-test their PCL before they purchase.

End User Profile
Monthly Page Volume
Retail Price
A tool set for developers of PCL transformation applications or for users who need to convert PCL with a GUI program.
Up to 50k or Unlimited
$79 to $157
Tool for those individuals with legacy applications that generate PCL output and have modest needs to view pcl, print pcl and convert pcl.

PageTech Software Pricing & Contact Information

Custom licensing and custom application modifications are available. If you purchase the PCLWorks Program for US $79 to $157, a $50 credit can go towards the purchase of PCLTool SDK if you need to upgrade at a later date.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding our products or the integration of PCLTool SDK into any of your PCL applications projects.

Phone: (+1) 858 794-6884

Email: PageTech Email